7 Good Reasons to have a boat built by me 

Best value for money 
Legendary full UK warranty 
Low depreciation 
You own the boat from day 1 of the build 
No VAT on labour charges 
Quality finish 
Low cost moorings available 

But don't take my word for it: 

"Best Value for Money Narrowboat": 1990 
(Yes, an old review but we've been building boats for years!) 
"Outstanding Value for Money" 
Waterways World 
"Terrific value for money and first class quality, delivered on time and under budget." 
Pat. Beese June 2011. 
Ursa Minor 
"We bought Ursa Minor from new. Before he started building we had detailed design meetings with Pat who made many useful suggestions and we've had no regrets. The layout is just as we wanted it. Terrific value for money and first class quality, delivered on time and under budget." 
Pat Beese 
"We ordered, and took delivery of our first boat from Pat Buckle in about 1991. It was a 47.5 ft trad called Naiad and cost about £19,500 although, being in the motor trade, I had supplied a fully reconditioned and marinised BL 1.8 complete with instrument panel/wiring loom etc so that wasn't included in the price above. I had spent the time between ordering and the boat build, reconditioning/marinising my own engine etc. I even had the crank, pistons, rods and flywheel balanced (Yeah, I know, sad......but it ran like a dream). Pat was as straight as a die, couldn't fault him. It was only a basic build, simple fit out and 12V only but served us well until the late 90s when we decided to sell. By that time I'd added 240V and an inverter/charger as I was now living on it for 4 nights per week while I worked away from home. Pat's boats were, as I said, simple and budget, but we had a lot of fun with Naiad and no significant warranty problems. He later used to build all the Ownerships boats whose names started with an O or an S (Oasis, Solace, that sort of name). I think, but I may be wrong, that he is now semi-retired but he might, unless I've got it wrong, be fitting out the Calcutt Clipper class of new boat. (info might be out of date but I believe it was so once). Sueb, of this group, might be able to confirm my thoughts about Pat as, during Naiad's build, she and hubby Roger were fitting out a Buckle shell on-site themselves". 

Interested in having a boat built? 

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